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Free Photo Ads! Free Ads contain four free photos, description, private contact and much more. We have Additional Photos, Better Placement , Featured Listing and You Tube Links available for a small fee. You can create a flyer directly from your ad, by selecting "printer friendly" in the left column. and use it to hang on boards at your favourite equine business. Exclusive advertising opportunities are available. Please check out Advertise With Us for costs and details. Enjoy and please Contact Us with any questions or concerns.

Advertising Places

On the column to the right we offer ads that regen on a timer or ads that stay till the page is refreshed. Both generate the ads randomly with each page generattion.

Up top of this page and subsequent pages not part of the listing process we offer the ads that regenerate on a timed basis.

For information on any of the opportunities please contact us.

We are also contemplating selling the site. Have no fear our ads, free or otherwise run for a minimum of 90 days and we would make sure that the appropriate period is covered. If you're interested, CLICK HERE for a 30 day map showing visitors, this is how you should be covered. The two pages show you exactly where people are coming from. At $12,500, $CAD+ HST, non negotiable, less then the cost of an ad in some magazines! We'll include the website and classified software set-up on your server (if possible) or continue to host where it is.

Print Magazines, our experience!

Printed magazines may be less then 25% of readers claimed. Actual magazines sold will be fewer then those printed. What this basically means is that you are paying per reader which is usually claimed to be 4 per unit printed. The number of readers are far fewer as not all printed units are sold.

Ask the following:
1. How many readers are claimed?
2. What is the actual number printed? Ask to see a print invoice.
3. How many are shipped to subscribers?
4. How many are shipped to retail outlets?
5. How many are held back for marketing?
6. How many, on average, are unsold and destroyed?
7. Are ALL readers decision makers or employees, family or kids of the decision makers?
Ask for written documentation.
Don't get fooled, get the facts!


One Space, Refreshing Ads

Fixed Space, Random Ads