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Horse Breeds O to S

Oberlander Horse
Oldenburg horse, also spelled Oldenburgh, Oldenburger
Orlov trotter
Ostfriesen and Alt-Oldenburger
Paint, see American Paint Horse
Pampa horse
Paso Fino
Pentro horse
Persano horse
Peruvian Paso, sometimes called Peruvian Stepping Horse
Pleven horse
Poitevin horse also called Mulassier
Pottok, see pony section
Pryor Mountain Mustang
Przewalski's Horse, also known as Takhi, Mongolian Wild Horse or Asian Wild Horse. (Species, not a "breed" but listed here for convenience)
Purosangue Orientale
Quarter Horse, see American Quarter Horse
Racking horse
Retuerta horse
Rhenish-German Cold-Blood also known as Rhineland
Heavy Draft
Rhinelander horse
Riwoche horse
Rocky Mountain Horse
Romanian Sporthorse
Rottaler, see Heavy warmblood
Russian Don
Russian Heavy Draft
Russian Trotter
Saddlebred, see American Saddlebred
Salerno horse
Samolaco horse
San Fratello horse
Sarcidano horse
Sardinian Anglo-Arab, also known as Sardinian Horse
Sella Italiano
Selle Francais
Shagya Arabian
Shire horse
Siciliano indigeno
Silesian horse
Sokolsky horse
Soviet Heavy Draft
Spanish Barb see Barb horse
Spanish Jennet Horse, modern, not to be confused with the historic Jennet or Spanish Jennet (see Archaic types, below)
Spanish Mustang
Spanish-Norman horse
Spanish Tarpan, see Sorraia
Spotted Saddle horse
Standardbred horse
Suffolk Punch
Svensk Kallblodstravare (Swedish coldblood trotter), see Coldblood trotter
Swedish Ardennes
Swedish Warmblood
Swiss Warmblood

Horse Breeds T to Z

Tchernomor, see Budyonny horse
Tennessee Walking Horse
Tersk horse
Tinker horse, see Gypsy Vanner horse
Tiger Horse
Tori horse
Trait Du Nord
Tuigpaard, see Dutch harness horse
Ukrainian Riding Horse
Unmol Horse
Ventasso horse (Cavallo Del Ventasso)
Virginia highlander
Vladimir Heavy Draft
Vyatka, see pony section
Waler horse, also known as Waler or Australian
Warmblood, see "Types of horse" below, or
individual warmblood breed articles
Welsh Cob (Section D), see Welsh pony
Westphalian horse
Wurttemberger or Wurttemberg
Xilingol horse
Yakutian horse
Yili horse
Yonaguni horse
Zemaitukas, also known as Zemaituka, Zhumd,
Zhemaichu, or Zhmudk, see Pony section

Horse Breed O to N

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