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Horse Breed A to B

Abaco Barb, see Barb horse
Abyssinian horse
Albanian horse
Altai horse
Alter Real, see Lusitano
American Cream Draft
American Indian Horse
American Paint Horse
American Quarter Horse
American Saddlebred
American Warmblood
Andalusian horse some bloodlines also called Pura Raza Espanola (PRE) or Pure Spanish-bred
Andravida horse
Anglo-Arabo-Sardo, see Sardinian Anglo-Arab
"Appendix," see American Quarter Horse
AraAppaloosa, also called Ara-Appaloosa, Arappaloosa or Araloosa
Arabian horse
Ardennes horse, or Ardennais
Argentine Criollo, see Criollo horse
Australian Brumby, see Brumby
Australian Draught Horse
Australian Stock Horse
Austrian Warmblood
Auvergne horse
Avelignese, see Haflinger
Azerbaijan horse
Azteca horse
Baise horse, also known as Guangxi
Balearic horse, see Mallorquin and Menorquin
Balikun horse
Baluchi horse
Banker Horse
Barb horse
Bashkir Curly, see Curly horse
Basque Mountain Horse
Bavarian Warmblood
Belgian (horse)
Belgian Warmblood (includes Belgian Half-blood)
Black Forest Horse, also called Black Forest cold blood or Schwarzwalder Kaltblut
Blazer horse
Boulonnais horse
Brabant, see Belgian (horse)
Brazilian Sport Horse (Brasileiro de Hipismo)
Breton horse, or Trait Breton
Budyonny horse or Budenny
Burguete horse
Byelorussian Harness


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